Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

A. Purchase notice

1.  Register as a member

EGKHCIRS will not charge any form of registration fee for all member registration procedures , and it is guaranteed to be free.

EGKHCIRS may immediately cancel or freeze its member account without further notice due to any of the following related violations by members, and its existing consumption records, discounts, etc. will not be returned or restored in any form. Violations include but are not limited to the following:

    (i) Malicious repeated registration of member accounts, thereby affecting the operation of the website or obtaining benefits from it

    (ii) Deliberately exploiting program loopholes to affect the operation of the website or obtain benefits from it

    (iii) Maliciously register with false personal information, thereby affecting the operation of the website or obtaining benefits from it

    (iv) Any behavior determined by the company to intentionally affect the interests of the company


2.  Purchase goods

You can browse EGKHCIRS at will to find suitable products, or you can directly select them through the search function. We recommend that you use the "product classification" we provide to find suitable products. On the purchased product page, first select the purchase quantity, and then click "Add to Shopping Cart" to continue to purchase other products. Some products have special discounts for purchasing multiple pieces. Such discounts will be displayed when the order is checked out. displayed on.


3.  Proceed to checkout

After selecting all the products, click the pattern of the shopping cart on the page, and click "Checkout" to enter the checkout page. Before payment, you can view the shopping cart at any time and modify the purchased items and quantity.


4.  Complete the payment

After filling in the correct and detailed recipient information and credit card information, you can choose the pick-up method of "self-pickup" or "delivery"#, and click "confirm delivery" after completion. Through the "Member Checkout" method, the system will automatically fill in your pre-registered personal information for checkout, which is fast and convenient.


# Please refer to the section "B. Delivery Service" for details


5.  Self-pickup or delivery

After the payment is completed, your order will be established immediately, and the e-mail address you filled in will immediately receive a notification email of the successful order. After completing the order, the product will be sent out within 1-3 working days. All credit card payments are processed in real time, once your credit card payment has been verified and verified, your order will be processed immediately.


*If you need to specify a delivery date, please clearly indicate the required delivery date in the "Order Remarks" box during checkout. Holidays and public holidays are excluded.


6.  Offers or giveaways

The following terms and conditions apply to all types and forms of our promotional activities / programs / offers:

    (i) For the same member, different or false identities or information will not be accepted to apply for the same offer or activity. In case of dispute, EGKHCIRS  reserves the right to disqualify the member and make the final decision.

    (ii) In order to protect the rights and interests of the registrant, it is not acceptable to be collected by others in any way. At the time of redemption, the company's staff has the right to request an identification document, which must match the registered name.

    (iii) EGKHCIRS has the opportunity to write "trial products", "gifts" or words or marks of equivalent meaning on the free products and gifts.

7.  Maintenance and Repair

Most Nexus Style products will provide 1-month to 1-year maintenance service (according to the guarantee period provided by the product manufacturer or agent). If you need to repair, just bring the damaged product, receipt and warranty certificate to the company's repair station in person during the repair and maintenance period. Before repair service, please pay attention to the following terms:

(Note: For some products that are not the agent of our company, our company only acts as a sales agent, and all maintenance responsibilities are provided and determined by the agent. If you have any questions about this kind of goods, you can ask our customer service for the contact method of the product agent. irresponsible.)

· Consumable materials contained in the product are not covered by the warranty.

· If you need to repair the product during the warranty period, please contact customer service directly.

· Only quality problems or operational failures caused by product manufacturer's defects will be repaired free of charge.

· If the warranty period has expired, a maintenance inspection fee will be charged.

· Please keep the documents and organization warranty certificate properly.

· This warranty service is limited to Hong Kong.

Repair and maintenance services do not cover product damage or failure caused by:

· Failing to produce valid documents and certificates.

· It has been repaired or replaced by a repair department not designated by the company.

· Damage caused by self-disassembly.

· All damage caused by man-made or natural disasters, such as falling, improper use, improper storage.

· The company reserves all rights to explain the standards and procedures for providing maintenance and repair services.


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